All logos created by Workhouse

Designing logos is a big part of our business

Our approach to logo design:

  1. Listen to client requirements
  2. Draft a proposal and quote
  3. Get more details from the client
  4. Tease out what the logo has to communicate
  5. Sketch like crazy exploring different ideas
  6. Stare out the window a bit
  7. More sketching
  8. Draw the best ideas in Illustrator
  9. Present the best solution to the client with great excitement
  10. If the client likes it we create the visual identity if required
  11. If the client thinks it’s not there yet we take their feedback repeat steps 5 to 7
  12. Create all the files the client will need including social media icons

What’s the difference between branding, identity and logo?

A logo is not your brand or identity.

Your brand is the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole, that’s how people see you, how they feel about you. Everything a company does contributes to the brand, whether it’s helping local charities, creating new jobs, excellent customer service or selling enjoyable products or services.

Identity is the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand, such as colour, typefaces, layouts etc. These will come from the visual identity or brand guidelines document created by the graphic design studio employed by the client.These will manifest in signage, stationery, packaging, website design and other marketing collateral.

A logo identifies a business, not describes a business. It should not try to tell the whole story of what the business does, it’s to differentiate your company from other companies. It should be simple and straightforward, memorable and recognisable. The more a logo is seen and associated with your company, the better it works as intended.