Galway Bay Brewery branding

Ads, Logos, Packaging, Print, Websites

Galway Bay Brewery asked us to create a brand and design their packaging for their entry to the retail market. We designed a complete visual identity, re-branded the existing draft products and created the label design for their new bottling operation.

Since then we have designed and managed every element of the Galway Bay Brewery brand. They have grown substantially in this time, there’s never a dull moment and it remains one of the most enjoyable accounts we have.

Project Details

The client was looking for a brand that would stand above the competition in terms of quality and stature. It needed to be revolutionary and bold, communicate well to an international market while still accurately representing the true character of the company.

We didn’t want to alienate an international audience with local references leading the visual. There was already a maritime trend to the naming of the beers and Neptune had already been referenced by the company. That coupled with the directors fondness for Soviet propaganda art brought us to the Galway Bay Neptune we have today.