The Dingle Celt

Packaging, Print

The Dingle Celt is an extremely rare bottling from a single cask of Dingle Single Malt. Limited to just 18 bottles, this whiskey has become highly sought after by collectors.

Project details

We were asked by Celtic Whiskey to produce packaging for The Dingle Celt.

We consulted with Celtic Whiskey to select the bottle and box. We then designed the label, box design, the bottle etching design, and finally the certificate of authenticity.

We chose a wide, short decanter-style bottle from Glencairn Crystal to help distinguish the product, make it feel more luxurious and give it presence among a collection. We chose a very simple, stripped down design to let the type, texture and gold foiling build the label and reenforce the exclusivity. This allows the bottle to feel honest and confident, letting the whiskey shine.

Albertus Nova was chosen as our primary typeface because it has an Irish feel without being too traditional or twee. We then used a clean, simple modern sans serif ‘Kohinoor’ to balance the label and contrast well with Albertus Nova. Kohinoor has some small quirks that gives it a bit of personality.

We also designed a certificate of authenticity using the same paper as the label.

We paired the bottle with a beautiful wooden box to contain the stopper, bottle and certificate.

We are so excited to show off this beautiful bottle we got to design for Celtic Whiskey. The Dingle Celt is an extremely rare whiskey, only 18 bottles have been produced. After helping Celtic Whiskey select the bottle and box, we designed the label, the heart to be laser etched on the box and engraved on the bottle, and finally the certificate of authenticity.